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GAVIN FRANK BA Hons: Voice, Guitar, Indian Harmonium, Drum & Piano/Keyboard.Gavin began singing in a church choir and went on to complete a BA Hons Music Degree in 1993. After travelling & performing around the world, he trained with International voice teacher & performer, Chloe Goodchild. Gavin has been facilitating his own voice workshops for 9 years exploring breath, bodywork, chant and improvisation and has worked with people from all walks of life.He records and writes his own music and performs in a duo called Madrum. They have recorded a CD “Soma” and are presently working on their 2nd. Gavin also plays in restaurants and cafes regularly playing folk covers and his own material and improvises regularly for dance groups in the UK & Europe. I would be able to offer a variety of possibilities at your care home:1. Folk classics and well known songs to sing along to-Voice & Guitar- eg. Summertime, Scarborough Fair, Over The Rainbow, We’ll meet again, Amazing Grace, Tipperary. 2. Chants and rounds-simple fun songs to learn eg.Row your boat, London’s burning 3. Music for relaxation and healing-Voice, Indian Harmonium, Singing Bowls 4. Chants with Drum-Call and response-African,Taize, Indian. 5. Voicework-Breathing exercises, Bodywork, Chanting & relaxation/meditation.Obviously I would offer whatever is appropriate for each group. As an experienced facilitator I would be sensitive to the needs of people and am aware of group dynamics. Charges vary depending on your choice of activity usually between £40-£70 per hour.  “Gavin brings a fresh talent and an inspiring presence to the world of voice and sound….”-Chloe Goodchild, Author, International Singer, Performer and Voice teacher. “Gavin’s voice is like a rare nectar that nourishes the heart and soul”--Katheryn Trenshaw-Artist and Facilitator.   

Totnes, TQ9 5AY

Name: Gavin Frank
Mobile no: 07881434467
Tel.: 01803 866138
Operating areas: Devon
Length of Show: 1hr
Cost: £40-£80 depending on activity


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