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Sandra Currie Care Home Entertainer

Sandra Currie Care Home Entertainer

  • 5 Stars.
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For information on my new C.D,
*** Sweet and Low ***
Therapeutic singing CD for people over 80
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MOBILE: 07 891 309 536
Sandra Currie
Care Home Entertainer
Specialist gentle interactive
entertainment for
Dementia, Nursing, EMI,
Residential units,
and for cared-for adults.
Celebrating my 17th year in
professional care home entertainment
Full Public Liability Insurance
Member of Halton Dementia Action Alliance
Why am I different? Having been in the business for over 15 years, I am firmly of the belief that being a good entertainer requires a lot more than simply being a good singer.
In my shows, it is the audience who are the important people in the room.
I have found that residents enjoy a show so much more, when they feel they are part of the showI like to try to make each resident feel special and important, through warm and gentle interaction, before, during and after the show.
I do feel that, especially for Nursing, Dementia, and EMI units, if you have an entertainer who stays in the corner of the room, and doesn’t interact with your residents, you might as well save your money and put a CD on.
Please click on the "reviews" button above, to read past customers' comments on this.
Before the show I chat with the audience introduce myself and establish myself as a friendly and gentle presence in the room – so important for residents who may be nervous of an unfamiliar face.
 I give out tambourines and maracas. These are loved by the more able residents, and especially enjoyed by those residents who are not able to join in the singing, but who still want to feel part of the show.
The instruments are lightweight, musician quality, and are sanitised after every show.
Then we start the music. I continue interacting with the audience during the songs and introduce different activities during the songs.
I also have a spare wireless microphone which I offer to any resident who is singing with gusto, and I encourage hearty applause when a person has sung.
After the show I present every resident with a free photo souvenir.
"The Good Old Days"                                                                                                                     
A good old fashioned sing-a-long (best seller!)
Clementine, Waltzing Matilda, You are my sunshine, Tipperary,
Side by Side, Que Sera Sera …
Country & Western favourites (great for a theme party – yeeeee-haaaaa!)
Stand by your man, Deadwood stage, Crystal chandeliers,
Rhinestone cowboy, Rose garden …
“Oh I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside”
Seaside and summer songs & in my Victorian bathing suit,
Drunken sailor, My bonny lies over the ocean,
Slow boat to China, Cockles & mussels …
"Daydream Believer"
The sounds of the 50s & 60s – (ideal for younger seniors and parties)
Bobby’s girl, Doo-wah-diddy, Blue suede shows, I’m a believer,
Lipstick on your collar, The wonder of you …
“There’ll Always be an England”
Rousing songs for patriotic occasions –
also ideal for St George’s Day
Rule Britannia, Land of hope & glory, White Cliffs of Dover,
Jerusalem, Bless ‘em all …
"When Irish Eyes are Smiling"
The best known Irish songs –
also ideal for St Patrick's Day
Danny Boy, If you’re Irish come into the parlour, Wild rover,
When you were sweet sixteen…
Other shows –
"In your Easter Bonnet"
“Hallowe’en” (non-scary)
"Christmas Show"
With special appearance by Mr Frosty T Snowman in the last song
Summer / Christmas Fair Package
A summer / Christmas fair is a great way to raise funds.
In my experience, if you have an entertainer, more visitors come, and they tend to stay longer and spend more on stalls and catering.
I also help to make the day run more smoothly, and raise more funds, by making announcements on the microphone such as:
·                    officially welcoming residents and visitors
·                    pushing sales of raffle tickets,
·                    enthusiastically giving details of stalls and prizes
·                    announcing special events during the course of the day
          (“the burgers are ready!” Let’s welcome Father Christmas!  etc)
·                    drawing and announcing raffle tickets and any other prizes
·                    thanking all staff, residents and visitors
Price for Summer Fair Package –
one hour £60.00   2 x 45 mins £75.00
Price for Christmas Fair Package –
one hour £75.00   2 x 45 mins £95.00
Full colour brochure available - Please ring or text 07 891 309 536
I cover areas within 25 miles of WA8 6PH (Widnes in Cheshire) –
other areas considered, please enquire
Enquiries welcome by phone, text, email
or by clicking on the "send message" button above.
(please also see special offers below)
Please note the latest start time for all shows is 6.30 pm
2nd January to 30th November
1 hour show
Mornings 10.30 or 11.00 a.m start £45.00
Afternoons/evenings  £60.00 (Widnes & Runcorn £50.00)
2 x 45 minutes
Afternoons/evenings £75.00 (Widnes & Runcorn £65.00)
2 x 45 minutes - (can be split between 2 lounges – just £37.50 per lounge)
Or why not mix & match any 2 shows in the same lounge - 45 minutes each:
Popular choices are:
“The Good Old Days” followed by “Daydream Believer” or
“Whip-crack-away!!!” followed by “The Good Old Days”
or you can choose any combination, to suit your residents.
Christmas Show
includes appearance by Frosty the Snowman
special offer - £45.00 for a morning Christmas show – 10.30 a.m or 11.00 a.m start
Special days - 24th, 25th, 26th 31st December, 1st January
Afternoons & evenings on above special dates
1 hour or 2 x 45 minutes show - £120.00
All other dates December
Afternoons & evenings
1 hour show £75.00
2 x 45 minutes £95.00
Special offers:
offers apply January to November
if you can arrange with another home in your area so that I visit you both on the same day,
I will deduct £10.00 FROM EACH SHOW
Morning shows - get your residents’ day started with a smile!
Just £45.00 for one hour, 10.30 a.m or 11.00 a.m start.
Book 5 shows and receive a 6th half price!
Book 10 shows and receive an 11th free!


Widnes, Merseyside WA8 6PH

Name: Sandra Currie
Mobile no: 07891 309 536
Tel.: 07891 309 536
Operating areas: ENGLAND



Length of Show: 1 hour and 2 x 45 minutes
Cost: from £45.00


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