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 Short overview - OptiMusic:       OptiMusic system - Controlling Music & SFX  Image & videos  The system, enables users to interact with beams of light simply by passing a hand or other body-part through the beams - or by using a reflective "Magic Wand". (The beams act as a powerful visual reference point to the user). Each interaction triggers all formats of audio-visual files in real-time.     OptiMusic is the ultimate virtual musical and performing instrument.  OptiMusic fits within most Music Curriculum activities - at Key Stages 1 - 4  Users can trigger in real time music and sounds to become Virtual DJ, Drummer, Conductor, Rock star, Pop star, etc.  The system triggers single notes, chords, and can transpose the music while playing, with many new features Users also play interactive music games, while triggering images, videos, graphics etc.  Up to 256 events: musical notes, sounds and images can be triggered from each beam   The system is modular, flexible, ,simple - yet sophisticated in design.  "Blank Canvas" offering updates of content at ease.  A recent update includes OptiCalculator - Doing Maths from the beams in a fun way  OptiMusic is shown as part of "The Classroom of the Future" at RM's "REAL centre"   Our technology is being used in over 300 sites in the UK -Special and mainstream schools, day centers, etc. and in many locations worldwide.  The system is fully certified and passed all European and US requirements for Safety. (CE EMC)      The system is made of two main parts:1) The Computer / laptop  (Windows XP or Vista) plus the Software and the Control System2) The OptiBeams (Interactive light unit).  Up to 32 channels - OptiBeams  or any type switch - can be connected to one computer. The OptiBeams are daisy chained by a network cable (Cat5). The computer can be positioned at a distance of 100-200 meter from the OptiBeams.

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