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Bob Oakley

Bob Oakley

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As a full time professional Bob is able to offer entertainment to the community and care industry.Take a trip down country roads and memory lanes with this versatile singer who offers a mix of CLASSIC COUNTRY - IRISH BALLADS and NOSTAGIA from the 50's & 60's.Bob will encourage audience participation wherever possible. He will encourage those who are able to dance to do so. The less able are encouraged to clap and sing along.Care Home Nottinghamshire - I arrived at the care home just after lunch and found many residents sat in the lounge looking forward to their afternoon nap.By the time I was set up and ready to start many were snoring away so it seemed to me that a few gentle ballads might be the order of the day, then slip away quietly. Some folk roused to the music including three ladies who were all proud of their ages. 94 - 94 and a half and 94 and three quarters.  They were lively and were forthcoming with requests for country songs and ballads.After 45 minutes I decided that I was not going to leave them with just a memory of slow songs so I invited the staff to join in with Dance The Night Away.The room came alive! People began to awaken and take notice so I lifted the pace some more. To the opening notes of Johnny B Goode the three ladies in their 90's headed for the door in a walking frame convoy. (Or so I thought) On reaching centre floor the frames were placed facing inwards, handbags dangling from their hooks. Arms were raised and all three started to jive. It was awesome to watch. By this time my hour was up but we carried on for another half an hour as everyone was wide awake and ready to party.Most Touching Experience I was booke to play a care home at Kirkby In Ashfield a couple of Easters ago. It was an open day and fundraising event where friends and relatives joined the residents and staff for afternoon tea and a concert by myself.The audience were seated concert style and we all had a great afternoon. Myself included.I always try to make time to talk to folk during my visits to care homes as their are so many stories people want to share. "Ohhh that song you just did reminded me of so and so"..etc etc.One visiting relative asked if she could have a word in private. She then proceded to to tell me that she had not had a conversation with her mother for six months. Dementure had taken its toll and visits had become more and more difficult as recognition became less and less. However, tears began to flow as she told me that today, during the music her mum had not only spoken to her but was able to have a conversation. Music had triggered a memory she wanted to share with her daughter.This in turn brought back memories of my own mother and soon we were both choking on our emotions.What other job brings such rewards.  Thank you for reading Bob          

23 Bagshaw Street
Mansfield, NG197SA

Name: Bob Oakley
Mobile no: 07766 663725
Tel.: 01623 812869
Operating areas: ENGLAND


East Midlands





West Midlands
Length of Show: 1 hour 2 x 30's 2 x 45's or 3 x 45's
Cost: From £55 per hour


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